C1 Value Green Chemistry seminar

Academy of Finland and ChemBio Finland
28.4.2021 10:00
Koko Suomi
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C1 Value seeks solutions for industrial green chemistry manufacturing from CO2 emissions. The programme’s research fields include synthetic chemistry and catalysis research, process engineering and systemic studies, industrial ecology and biotechnology as well as modelling based on these.

C1 Value and the University of Helsinki organise a Green Chemistry webinar on 28 April at 10.00–12.00 in connection with the ChemBio Finland Virtual Pre-Event. Professor Matthias Beller will describe new findings in catalyst research on activating small molecules. The subject touches directly on the C1 Value Academy Programme, which supports research to generate chemical reactions involving C1 compounds. Projects of the C1 Value programme will present their research work with short videos.

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