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We are a team of young scientists based in Helsinki hosting an informal podcast to show you how cool science is! Follow us having semi-serious conversations with our fellow early-career scientists. New episode every two weeks!

The new episode “Cochrane reviews in times of COVID-19 – with Tomàs, Lea & John Lavis” is the first of a 3-episode miniseries made in collaboration with Cochrane, the international charitable organization promoting evidence-informed health decision-making, by producing top quality systematic reviews which have now become the gold standard for evidence-based information.
They have an official collaboration with Wikipedia, the NIH, the World Health Organization
…and now they are working with The Science Basement!

In this episode Tomàs and Lea discuss about systematic reviews in times of COVID-19 with Dr. John Lavis, a member of the Cochrane editorial board, member of the Cochrane knowledge-translation advisory group and Team founder and director of the McMaster Health Forum.

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