SHARE W7 book publication: Life-histories in Finland

Population Research Institute, Family Federation of Finland
11.3.2021 14:00
  • English
  • online
  • adults

Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) is a research infrastructure covering 28 countries. The survey follows people aged 50+ by interviews asking participants of their social, economic and health related life situations every two years. The openly available data provides tools for adequate policy interventions regarding population ageing across Europe.

The Population Research Institute is publishing a book called SHARE W7 on Thursday 11.3 at 14:00. Along with brief introductions to the content of the book, the event will include information about SHARE infrastructure and current state data collection. Findings presented in SHARE W7 are based on interviews collected in the 7th data collection of SHARE. The chapters focus on the ageing population of Finland and provide insight to Finland’s current demographic situation.

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