Engaging Finnish stakeholders with European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) through EOSC Finnish Forum

EOSC Finnish Forum
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EOSC Finnish Forum (EOSC-FF) is a national level coordination instrument and network that brings Finnish stakeholders together to discuss the latest EOSC developments and priorities and coordinate actions around them.

More specifically, it allows Finnish stakeholders to:
– discuss and exchange information on the latest EOSC developments and assess their implications on other national initiatives;
– represent the collective interests of Finland into EOSC by formulating a shared approach and message to be communicated to the EOSC Governance;
– discuss potential future EOSC-related collaborations and opportunities at national level and strengthen the collaboration between Finnish RDI actors.

EOSC Finnish Forum shares monthly updates via the Open Science newsletter, at EOSC-FF web page and on social media. Events are announced in the Open Science event calendar.

In addition, EOSC Finnish Forum organizes informal gatherings for its members, called EOSC Finnish Forum Cafés where participants can discuss the latest EOSC updates and their implications in more depth. The Cafés provide also a good opportunity for the members to meet each other and raise any questions they might have on EOSC at large. All individuals who have signed or who are working for a Finnish organisation that has signed the Declaration for Open Science and Research 2020–2025 are welcomed as members. Membership is free of charge.

EOSC Finnish Forum was established in January 2021 by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Academy of Finland, the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and CSC – IT Center for Science.

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